ANC Preview: 7-11 Edition

Photo by Thisisbossi.

Next Tuesday (NOTE THE DAY CHANGE DUE TO HALLOWEEN), ANC2E will meet for its November session. One thing you may not know about ANC meetings if you don’t attend them is that normally the most interesting stuff is right at the beginning. And this month, that rule continues to apply.

This month, in this slot are two developments that have grabbed attention recently: the 7-11 expansion and the West Heating Plant.

GM’s not sure what the ANC is going to have to say about either of the two items. The 7-11 doesn’t sell alcohol and isn’t subject to a voluntary agreement, so it’s not like it needs approval to expand into the P St. It will ultimately need OGB review for whatever signage or awnings they ask for, but that’s probably not what the ANC wants to talk about now. Either way, could be interesting.

As for the West Heating Plant, this is something a bit more in the ANC’s wheelhouse. They probably just want to make the public aware the the GSA is planning to sell it. GM’s heard nothing about any possible bidders, but it’s still early.

Another early treat: DC U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen and two of his AUSAs will speak. Last month: the Mayor. This month: the U.S. Attorney. How can they top this in December?

Among the other items, only one jumps out at GM as being potentially interesting. A new restaurant called M Cafe has applied for a liquor license. They propose to be located at 3236 Prospect St. Here’s what the application says:

Contemporary bistro serving Italian food and cuisine, including salads and desserts.  No Entertainment provided. Sidewalk Cafe with 50 seats. Seating capacity is 120. Total occupancy load is 140.

The outdoor cafe part of the plan sounds like it could be controversial, since Prospect street is one of those battleground streets where bars and neighbors are seemingly always battling each other. Look for round one to start at the meeting.

Here’s the rest:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E
3265 S Street, NW • Washington, DC 20007
(202) 724-7098 • •
ANC 2E Public Meeting
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
at 6:30 p.m.

We will be meeting this month at the Georgetown Visitation School, 35th and Volta Place, Heritage Room, first building on left by gatehouse, 2nd floor

Please note that ANC 2E Public Meetings usually meet on Monday but because of Halloween, October 31, the meeting has been moved to Tuesday this month

Ronald C. Machen Jr., United States Attorney for the District of Columbia,
Vincent H. Cohen Jr., Principal Assistant United States Attorney,
Trena Carrington , Assistant United States Attorney, Second District Community Prosecutor
have kindly accepted our invitation
to join us at this meeting for a conversation with the community

followed by the regular meeting agenda –

Approval of the Agenda

• Approval of November 1, 2011, ANC 2E Public Meeting Agenda


• Approval of October 3, 2011 Meeting Minutes
• Public Safety and Police Report
• Financial Report – Ratification of FY 2012 Budget
• Transportation Report
• Public Works Report

Community Comment

• GSA interest in selling the former power plant property at K Street and 29th Street
• 2617 P Street, NW, 7-Eleven Expansion
New Business

• Lawyers Have Heart 10K, American Heart Association
• Circulator stops – M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, NW
• Proposed legislation providing for periodic notification to property owners in historic districts


• 1045 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, BZA Application No. 18285, Application for variance from the requirements of addition to non-conforming structure, building height, floor area ratio, lot occupancy and rear yard setback (Hearing date Nov. 29, 2011)
• 3127 P Street, NW, BZA Application No. 18288, Application for a special exception to allow and addition to an existing one-family semi-detached dwelling not meeting the lot dimensions, lot occupancy, side yard and nonconforming structure requirements (Approximate hearing date Dec. 13, 2011)
• Grace Street and Cecil Place, NW, BZA Application No. 18292, Application for special exception and variance relief to allow the construction of a 3 level plus mezzanine building (Hearing date Dec. 20, 2011)


• SMD 05, 3236 Prospect Street, NW, License No. ABRA-087240, M Café, applicant has applied for a license (Petition Date 11/7/11, Hearing Date 11/21/11)

The following businesses have applied to renew their ABC Licenses (Petition Date 11/14/11, Hearing Date 11/28/11) The ANC does not propose to adopt a resolution on them at this time. If there are concerns about any of these projects, please contact the ANC office by Friday, October 28, 2010.

• SMD 02, 1643 34th Street, NW, License No. ABRA-060593, Le Petite Corner Store
• SMD 05, 3276 M Street, NW, License No. ABRA-018083, Dean & Deluca
• SMD 06, 1331 29th Street, NW, License No. ABRA-017577, Scheele’s Market

The following businesses have applied to renew their ABC Licenses (Petition Date 11/28/11, Hearing Date 12/12/11) The ANC does not propose to adopt a resolution on them at this time. If there are concerns about any of these projects, please contact the ANC office by Friday, October 28, 2010.

• SMD 06, 3217 P Street, NW, License No. ABRA-079966, Marvelous Market
• SMD 06, 3008 Q Street, NW, License No. ABRA-086230, Sara’s Market
• SMD 07, 1855 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, License No. ABRA-075687, Safeway

Old Georgetown Board


SMD 06, 1215 31st Street, NW, OG 12-022 (HPA 12-022) Georgetown Post Office, Rear addition at basement level, elevator, HVAC equipment, Concept – revised design
SMD 07, 1623 28th Street, NW, OG 12-005 (HPA 12-005) Residence – Evermay, New garage structure, Concept


1. SMD 05, 1050 31st Street, NW, OG 11-294 (HPA 11-503), Office building to hotel, Alterations, Concept
2. SMD 05, 3249 M Street, NW, OG 11-251 (HPA 11-431) Mixed-use: commercial / residential, 4-story rear addition, alterations to storefront, Concept – revised design
3. SMD 05, 3423 M Street, NW, OG 12-008 (HPA 12-008) Retail, Sign scheme for Pie Sisters Georgetown, Permit
4. SMD 06, 3009 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 12-011 (HPA 12-011)Residence, 1-story rear addition, deck, Concept
5. SMD 07, 1657 32nd Street, NW, OG 12-013 (HPA 12-013) Residence, Replacement shutters, Permit
6. SMD 07, 1685 32nd Street, NW, OG 11-300 (HPA 11-522) Residence, Brick garden wall, Permit
7. SMD 07, 3052 R Street, NW, OG 12-021 (HPA 12-021) Residence, Replacement windows, roof, HVAC, landscaping, Permit
8. SMD 02, 3528 Reservoir Road, NW, OG 12-006 (HPA 12-006) Residence, Rear deck and alterations, Permit To be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Review Board
9. SMD 03, 3254 O Street, NW, OG 11-162 (HPA 11-255), Residence, Addition of 2nd floor to garage off alley (theoretical subdivision) , Concept – revised design

No Review At This Time by ANC 2E: The following additional projects, which are on the upcoming November 3 agenda of the Old Georgetown Board, have not been added to the ANC meeting agenda for OGB-related design review and we do not propose to adopt a resolution on them at this time. If there are concerns about any of these projects, please contact the ANC office by Friday, October 28, 2010.

1. SMD 01, 1726 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 11-157 (HPA 11-246), Retail, Awning and sign scheme for First Cash Jewelry and Loan, Concept / Permit – revised design
2. SMD 02, 1603 34th Street, NW, OG 12-012 (HPA 12-012) Residence, Replacement windows, Permit
3. SMD 02, 1675 35th Street, NW, OG 12-019 (HPA 12-019), Residence, Rear additions and alterations to side, Concept
4. SMD 02, 1675 35th Street, NW, OG 12-020 (HPA 12-020) Residence, Alterations to garage, Permit
5. SMD 02, 3323 Reservoir Road, NW, OG 11-265 (HPA 11-447), Residence, Alterations to front stairs – existing, Permit
6. SMD 02, 3600 Reservoir Road, NW, OG 11-297 (HPA 11-510) Residential – The Cloisters, Enclosure for mailboxes, Permit
7. SMD 02, 3639 Winfield Lane, NW, OG 12-015 (HPA 12-015) Residence, Replacement windows, Permit
8. SMD 05, 1050 30th Street, NW, OG 12-004 (HPA 12-004), The Foundry, Sign scheme for Carr Workplaces, Permit
9. SMD 05, 1207 34th Street, NW, OG 11-299 (HPA 11-521) Residence, Alterations to front door, repair brick steps, Permit
10. SMD 05, 3299 M Street, NW, OG 11-281 (HPA 11-491), Commercial, Alterations to fenestration, Concept
11. SMD 05, 3248 N Street, NW, OG 12-016 (HPA 12-016) Residence, Alterations to front, Permit
12. SMD 05, 3248 N Street, NW, OG 12-017 (HPA 12-017) Residence, Retaining wall at rear, Permit
13. SMD 05, 3250 N Street, NW, OG 12-018 (HPA 12-018) Residence, Demolition of rear apartment wing, Permit
14. SMD 05, 3219 Cherry Hill Lane, NW, OG 11-301 (HPA 11-528), Residence, Replacement windows, Permit
15. SMD 05, 2810-12 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, OG 12-014 (HPA 12-014) Four Seasons Hotel – Eno Wine Bar, Rear addition with basement, window replacements, signs and awnings, Concept – revised design
16. SMD 05, 1080 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, OG 12-001 (HPA 12-001) Georgetown Park Condominiums, 12 antennas for AT&T behind screen wall, roof top equipment, Permit
17. SMD 06, 1343 27th Street, NW, OG 12-007 (HPA 12-007), Residence, Replacement windows, relocate gas meter, Permit
18. SMD 06, 1248 31st Street, NW, OG 12-003 (HPA 12-003) Residence, Replacement copper roof and metal trim at oriel window, Permit
19. SMD 06, 3057 M Street, NW, OG 11-298 (HPA 11-511) Commercial, Demolish chimney, re-pointing, Permit
20. SMD 06, 3132 O Street, NW, OG 12-002 (HPA 12-002) Residence, Replace tin roof at rear with copper standing seam metal roof, Permit
21. SMD 06, 3132 O Street, NW, OG 12-009 (HPA 12-009) Residence, Replace tin roof at front with copper standing seam metal roof, Permit
22. SMD 06, 2726 N Street, NW, OG 12-010 (HPA 12-010) Residence, Alterations to porch and to dormer for HVAC equipment, Permit
23. SMD 06, 2908 Dumbarton Street, NW, OG 11-235 (HPA 11-388), Residence, 2-story rear addition and third floor addition, Concept
24. SMD 07, 1513 26th Street, NW, OG 11-259 (HPA 11-440), Residence, Remove chimney, standing seam metal roof, Permit / concept

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