Dumbarton Oaks Doesn’t Open Till 2:00

Dumbarton Oaks gardens and museum don’t open until 2:00 pm (and not at all on Monday). This is evident right on their website, and this information is probably listed in most tour guide books. Yet despite the fact that this information is readily available, almost every time GM passes Dumbarton Oaks on Saturday or Sunday mornings, there’s a group of visitors standing by the gate with a “well-what-the-Hell-are-we-supposed-to-do-now?” look on their faces.

So GM is just hoping that by putting this information out there into the SEO biosphere, a few more people will get the message and wait until 2:00 to show up on R St.

Now, as long as we’re talking about it GM should say that he thinks these hours are a bit stingy compared with other estates-cum-museums in the area like Tudor Place or Hillwood. Dumbarton Oaks is distinguished from those other museums since it is primarily a research facility, but GM doesn’t think opening the gates to the public a few more hours a day would really impact the Harvard students studying there. Unless of course what they really do is just sit by the pool…

And that goes double for the museum portion of the estate, which also doesn’t open until 2:00.

But all this falls on deaf and extremely well-endowed ears that are not likely to change course now. So spread the word: Dumbarton Oaks doesn’t open till 2:00.


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6 responses to “Dumbarton Oaks Doesn’t Open Till 2:00

  1. If those uninformed tourists are waiting in the a.m. on a 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month, they are certainly welcome to walk 2 blocks west and visit the Peabody Room at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library, 3260 R Street. I will be more than happy to give them a little 411 about Georgetown’s history!

  2. Love the Peabody Room! We are also happy to “edu-tain” any disappointed early arrivals to The Oaks who find their way to Dumbarton HOUSE, 2715 Q St, NW — head 4 blocks east down R St, 2 blocks south to Q St. We are not afiliated with The Oaks except as good museum neighbors. Our historic house museum opens at 11am, and showcases a collection of Federal period decorative arts in its historic house museum built ca. 1800!

  3. Ken Archer

    If they would have a members only hour at that pool, we would get a membership in a heartbeat. I’ve heard that staff sometimes bring friends over to swim in the pool.

  4. Topher

    I believe that if you volunteer to be a docent, you are permitted to visit the gardens off hours and use the pool.

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