Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and S

Vodpod videos no longer available.

GM’s still a little busy unpacking from the move, so he’s going to keep this Not So Long Ago brief. This week GM stays on the upper end of Wisconsin Ave.

For expedience sake, GM will reprint what he wrote about these two places a few weeks ago:

On the right of P.O. Boxes Etc., it appears that in 1993 the space was empty. At some point the Indian restaurant Curry Club opened up there. This restaurant stayed open until a few years ago. In its place a Korean restaurant called Arisu opened up. GM passed Arisu a million times without going in. Finally he stopped by, somewhat out of pity for the apparently struggling restaurant. And it was very, very good food. GM was resolved to stop by more often, but sadly they closed a few weeks later. The space sat empty for a long time until Shanghai Lounge moved in earlier this year. What GM would love to see would be a restaurant that fused all three of those styles, Indian, Korean and Chinese. Mmmmm…..

Beyond that space, you can’t quite see it in the 1993 photo, but as we’ll see in a later edition, Bistro Lepic’s space was occupied by Greek Port, a Greek restaurant. The French favorite moved in in 1995 and has obviously been there ever since.


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