Georgetown Adds Fifth Bikeshare Station

As wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice gift, Georgetown received its fifth Capital Bikeshare station, this one located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and M St.

This is a perfect location for a bikeshare station, and GM expects it to be used heavily. This use will likely increase even more once DDOT installs the M St. cycletrack. And as Lydia DePillis over at Citypaper dug up, a large chunk of Bikeshare use is attributable to tourists. So it’s likely that once tourism season ramps up next spring, lots of tourists will target this station as their destination. Which is great! GM just hopes that the Bikeshare workers are ready to manage the shifts in demand for the station.

GM is already staking out in his mind other possible locations for a station in Georgetown. Ones coming to mind are at the library, Francis Scott Key park, or even the Marvelous Market parking lot (they’d be smart to realize that giving up a few parking spots would benefit them a lot since more people can “use” a bikeshare station in an hour than can use a few parking spaces, and those people would be inclined to stop in for food or drinks).

Anyway, that’s a fight for another day. Today GM just wants to thank DDOT for providing such a great service to Georgetown and the city.


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