The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Jasonwoodhead23.

Good morning Georgetown. GM’s still basking in his new world of diapers and short sleep, but is ready to get the Georgetown Metropolitan back in gear. He can’t guarantee that the posts will be as consistent as they have been, but he’ll promise the old college try. So without further ado, here’s the latest:

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  1. RNM

    Welcome back. Given your position with the organization…I look forward to your posts about the various news stories during your paternity leave over the plan by CAG to set up a surveillance network of cameras. Personally, I think like the wasted money on the security patrol it is another pandering to fear and a further encroachment on personal liberty and freedom. However, I will take note of the stores that allow these cameras to be posted and refuse to patronize them as long as they are up. Martins Tavern, I enjoyed you but no more.

    This is also why I get a chuckle out of every mailing I get suggesting I donate to CAG. I will respectfully withhold my funds from Big Brother, er CAG.

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