Five Minutes at Just One Corner

GM parked himself at the corner of P St. and Wisconsin over the weekend for just five minutes. Here’s what he saw:

If you can’t quite make it out, each one of these people were either talking on their cell phones or checking their email/Facebook/whatever. The last woman has both hands on the phone typing away.

Remember, this is just five minutes. If this is accurate, it suggests that every single minute on Wisconsin Ave., there’s somebody driving by who’s either chatting on the phone or seeing how many of their friends “liked” their photos from the bar last night. Every single minute.

Just something to keep in mind when discussions of pedestrian safety or traffic flow are brought up. And it’s something to consider the next time you hear someone lecture bikers about how they shouldn’t get specal treatment until they can start obeying the law.



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10 responses to “Five Minutes at Just One Corner

  1. Michael Kessler

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been nearly run over in an intersection (car rolling in, over the line, into the crosswalk before stopping), and the driver has been looking at the phone in their lap, I’d be retired.It’s at every intersection, at every street. If it’s not the phone, they’re applying makeup, or simply rolling through the stop sign without regard for others present.

  2. And every driver is driving an SUV……….what careless obnoxious people they are! They think they are invincible in their gas guzzling SUVs. It would be interesting to find out how many drivers that day were pulled over by the police for disobeying the law regarding cell phones.

  3. How many total vehicles were counted?

  4. GPdad

    why not take a picture with their license plate and forward to police? This is an epidemic, and a dangerous one.

  5. Daddy W

    Wow. Breaking news, Toph. Thanks for whining about what we all know already. Of course, you have never and will never participate in such activities……

  6. Rob

    The cell phone GPS is one of the worst offenders, I’d guess. Not only does the person using it not know where they are or how to get where they’re going, but they’re fiddling with their phone to try and figure it out.

  7. Erik Bootsma

    I ride into Georgetown every day, and the number of people texting is crazy, esp on M Street. BTW that corner (right by my office) is notorious for red light runners, possibly due to the configuration of the lights, but there ought to be a red light camera there.

  8. Q St Neighbor

    Last night I ran along Mass Ave, and at one stoplight (near Naval Observatory) passed 7 cars. Five drivers were texting and 1 was taking out/putting in contact lenses.

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