Bayou Documentary Looking Towards Finish Line

As described in yesterday’s Current, a small group of dedicated filmmakers have been working on a documentary of the legendary Bayou club that once stood on K St., where the Loews Theater is now. According to the Current:

For the creators of a documentary on The Bayou nightclub in Georgetown, a dawdling approach has turned out to be the right fit…But after 14 years of soaking in The Bayou’s posthumous wealth of anecdotes and artifacts, the team members now speak of the venue with intimate affection. They describe it as a complex, offbeat and raucous place that survived its decades on the Georgetown waterfront — on the site beneath the Whitehurst Freeway that’s now a Loews movie theater — by constantly shifting identities.

“Once we looked under the hood and saw this engine with odd parts and gunk and weird assembly … it became a story worth coming to,” said writer Vinnie Perrone, a former Washington Post staffer who has interviewed subjects for the documentary.

After fourteen years, the filmmakers are close to putting the final touches on the project. But they need cash to get it over the finish line. So check out the trailer up top, and if you want to see more, check out their Kickstarter page and pitch in.


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2 responses to “Bayou Documentary Looking Towards Finish Line

  1. I went to Bayou Club on a rainy night in late 70’s…lost in the area, looking for live music.the box office girl said”the club is open, but it’s a girl band, and nobody has bought any tickets yet, the place is empty”It was raining, I was wet, tweeking for rock/roll.I gave her the 7.00 I think to get in…..we walk into an empty, AWSOME place.the band comes out, looks into the darkness and says we gotta play to get paid….it was PAT BENETAR.Me, and a college pal sat upstairs in balcony, front/center…we got a SMOKIN set of music, then the band stops to have a break,they come up to balcony, and we ate dinner with them, complete with all columbian condiments, they were real nice, told us what a bummer it was to play to “empty” club, but they would give us a good time.That night goes down in my heart as one of my BEST rock shows.I scored the crossed guitar t-shirts before we left, wore mine till it fell apart.God I would LOVE to find a remake of that shirt.It was a long sleeve jersey with guitars on fire crossed on the chest.GREAT memmories.Peace to you

  2. WHY nobody else has written in to this blog/site?..I’m SURE I’m not the only one who remember that place!!..C’mon people!!

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