Georgetown Families Continue to Flock to Hyde-Addison

The DCPS annual lottery results were announced last week, and they show that the spike in interest of Georgetown families in Hyde continues. As discussed here, Georgetown children who are interested in attending Hyde for pre-K need to go through the lottery (for Kindergarten and above a spot if guaranteed for all neighborhood kids).

Last year, Hyde had 19 slots for pre-K (i.e. for the ’11-’12 school year). And 21 Georgetown kids applied for those slots. This year Hyde is again offering 19 slots for pre-K. And 33 kids applied for those slots. 33!

This is a huge testament to the great job Dana Nerenberg and her staff are doing for Hyde’s kids; the word is clearly out. This success may bring new challenges in terms of class size management but GM doesn’t doubt the school is up to the task.


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2 responses to “Georgetown Families Continue to Flock to Hyde-Addison

  1. Kate Whitmore

    I love this development. Many parents worked hard to support Dana in this effort and I am glad it is finally starting to pay off. As recently as five or six years ago, Hyde’s long term chances for survival were still uncertain. The conventional wisdom was that “Georgetown parents don’t choose public school,” and those of us who did sometimes felt we had to justify ourselves. A strong local commitment will ensure our neighborhood school sticks around for many more generations. I am sorry that not all those 33 kids get a spot in pre-K; nevertheless, Hyde had better get ready for the big wave of kindergarteners coming in 2013!

  2. LouDC

    There’s nothing lovelier than walking one’s child to school. The conversation is for a lifetime: spiderwebs, secret passageways, oilslick rainbows, hug-a-lamppost day, alleycats, use-only-R-words, , count-bys and mini-algebra, ministry of funny walks and guess what happened! no hints just guess!

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