The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Daquella Manera.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Looks like Commander Salamander is being replaced with an M & T Bank. Booo.
  • Want to check out Mike Isabella’s new Mexican restaurant but don’t want to wait for it to open here? Check it out in Cleveland Park.


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7 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Joan Kennan

    Oh, no! Not another bank!!! What a waste of good retail space.

    The teaching of the case (proliferation of banks in Georgetown) is that banks are making a great deal of money, not exactly news, but the addition of yet another bank only reinforces my cynical view. So sad for Georgetown.

  2. Carol Joynt

    Double, Triple Boo on M&T Bank. Awful news. The block is bad enough as it is. NOMWA (Not On My Wisconsin Avenue!)

  3. Andy

    It should have been a burger or cupcake place!

  4. Can we have a moratorium on banks such as we have on bars?

  5. Old Georgetowner

    If we someday have a neighborhood that is only banks, can we secede and become part of Lichtenstein?

  6. asuka

    How many of you ever actually shopped at Commander Salamander? You do realize the median age of the neighborhood is like 100, right? Do you think that demographic reality supported a hard-to-get-to store geared towards 20-something hipsters? If that’s the sort of shopping experience you’d like to be able to walk to, maybe you should think about moving to U Street.

  7. Asuka — I think there’s a difference between wanting Commander Salamander to have stuck around. (And yes, I have shopped there, but not since about 2006, and typically for Halloween) and wanting to have something, anything, other than a bank taking the property.

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