Tax Day

Photo by 401k.

GM’s a bit of a procrastinator, so he spent last night desperately finishing his tax return. Thus he didn’t have time for a normal article for today.

That said, GM would like to take a quick moment to cut through the normal cynicism that accompanies this day and say this: Thank you DC government! GM knows you get a lot of heat, but he’s been around this town long enough to know that the city services we receive are miles ahead of what we used to get.

Just last week, GM stopped by the Homeowner’s Center down by the SW Waterfront. Walking in with just a few pictures of what window he wants to replace, GM received prompt and incredibly helpful service from a rep from HPRB. She took the time to explain to GM what he needed to do, and made sure he was able to complete the forms and turn them in thus avoiding a second or third trip.

GM knows the DC government has its issues, but his experiences with the government is way more like the one he had last week than anything unpleasant. So he pays his taxes with a smile.


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4 responses to “Tax Day

  1. Joan Kennan

    Good for you! I wish more Americans felt as you do.

  2. asuka

    You’re happy to pay your taxes because someone showed you which windows to buy? Are you equally happy to give your money to a government that “manages” an abysmal and wasteful school system? That negligently cares for its disabled? That is governed by crooked thugs and an equally crooked mayor? Windows? Good God…

  3. Dizzy


    Clearly you’ve never heard of the Broken Windows theory 😉

  4. asuka

    The Post is reporting that over 190 DC employees have just been caught stealing unemployment while on the District’s payroll. Something like that can only happen when there is an ingrained culture of incompetence and corruption. The District Government is – from top to bottom – a broken institution. Things had gotten better (those of us who were around in the 80’s can testify to that), but recently there’s been a wholesale rollback of much of the progress the city’s made over the last decade.

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