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Tax Day

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GM’s a bit of a procrastinator, so he spent last night desperately finishing his tax return. Thus he didn’t have time for a normal article for today.

That said, GM would like to take a quick moment to cut through the normal cynicism that accompanies this day and say this: Thank you DC government! GM knows you get a lot of heat, but he’s been around this town long enough to know that the city services we receive are miles ahead of what we used to get.

Just last week, GM stopped by the Homeowner’s Center down by the SW Waterfront. Walking in with just a few pictures of what window he wants to replace, GM received prompt and incredibly helpful service from a rep from HPRB. She took the time to explain to GM what he needed to do, and made sure he was able to complete the forms and turn them in thus avoiding a second or third trip.

GM knows the DC government has its issues, but his experiences with the government is way more like the one he had last week than anything unpleasant. So he pays his taxes with a smile.



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Top Five Biggest Property Tax Bills in Georgetown

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Next week, GM is heading out of town for a vacation. Not one to allow radio silence, GM prepared a series of posts to run in his absence next week. The focus will be on real estate. While doing some research, GM came across a list of the top five real estate bills in Georgetown, and he decided to share it.

So without further ado, here they are:

#5 – 2920 R St. – $86,514.70

This is the Beale-Washington House, which many Georgetowners simply call “Katharine Graham’s House”. Nowadays it’s owned by Mark Ein.

#4 – 1617 29th St. – $88,330.30

One block over from the Graham house, this is the huge house that was built by one of the founders of IBM. Continue reading


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Georgetowners Owe Almost $1 Million in Back Taxes

The District Office of Tax and Revenue auctioned off the tax liens on 2,717 properties last week (only 1,265 were actually sold). Of those 2,717 properties, 86 are in Georgetown. The combined back taxes owed on those properties is $919,401.79.

The average owed on each property was $10,690.72. The largest tax bill is owed for 1344 Wisconsin Ave., which housed Gala until it closed last year (which might explain the tax bill).

Here’s the complete list of delinquent properties (eyeballing it looks like they are mostly commercial properties): Continue reading


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About Your Tax Bill…


Last week the Washington City Paper published the neighborhood-by-neighborhood map of how residential real estate assessments rose or fell from 2008 to 2009. It came as no big surprise to GM that Georgetown’s numbers were down. Specifically, the total assessment of Georgetown residential property fell from $3,743,858,260 to $3,666,092,440, a 2.08% drop.

So does that mean Georgetowners can expect a lower tax bill next year?

Probably not, unless you’re a recent newcomer. Continue reading

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