Nike Planning Half Marathon to Coincide With New Store

GM has yet to meet a Georgetowner happy about Nike replacing the Barnes and Noble. And you know what else Georgetowners apparently are sick off: road races. Well these two unloved things are possibly going to merge into a single unloved event when Nike holds a half marathon to coincide with the opening of the new store in the spring of 2013.

The Washington Business Journal first reported the possibility of a Nike half marathon in 2013 on Wednesday. After some delay, Nike confirmed that they are considering DC for their Women’s Marathon series. This is consistent with rumors GM has heard.

GM doesn’t know at this point whether the race would even contemplate shutting down Georgetown roads. But you can bet that the ANC would put up a rather large fight if they did seeing as it would be such an explicitly commercial event.

In an alternate universe, Barnes and Noble in bizarro Georgetown is planning a book fair for the spring of 2013…



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3 responses to “Nike Planning Half Marathon to Coincide With New Store

  1. RNM

    I am happy that a business, in this case Nike, is filling a major hole that was left by Barnes and Noble’s collapsing business model and failure as a business to make a profit. Though the fusion of cash from Microsoft could allow B&N to bridge to a tablet computer maker…but we already have the best one of those with a good presence in Georgetown. There is a niche for small bookstores…but the days of the big chains and mega brick and mortar bookstores are ending. The same medium that allows us to read this info has killed the business…in that sense we are all to blame.

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