The Georgetown Metropolitan Forgets its Own Birthday

In blog-years, the Georgetown Metropolitan is getting up there. It’s so old that its staff of one completely forgot to celebrate its fourth birthday last December.

Yes, on December 13, 2008, the Georgetown Metropolitan was revived from 171 years of dormancy with its first (modern) post.

Four years and 2,854 articles later, the Georgetown Metropolitan is still going, shocking nobody more than GM himself.

GM always likes to take this opportunity to review what articles from the past year got the most attention. So here goes:

#5 – GU Mulls Moving Medical Campus

GM had heard rumors that GU was considering moving its hospital and medical school off the main campus. But a series of articles from WBJ and Washington Post seemed to confirm it. So he added his two cents.

Shortly after publishing it, GM received a forceful denial from a Medstar rep. But GM is still confident in his reporting: GU is in early planning stages to move the hospital and medical school. It’ll take time, but it is a goal of the school’s long range planners.

#4 – Waterfront Begins Construction on Largest Outdoor Rink in DC

How great of an addition is the new ice rink down by the harbor? As a new parent himself, GM is thrilled to see more young family options like this open up in Georgetown (hopefully the bowling alley will also serve this group well).

#3 – The Mall Moves Ahead With Radical Reshaping

It’s not surprising that articles about the future of the mall make of two of the most popular articles from 2012. This first one discussed how Vornado was moving ahead with the radical reconfiguration of the mall that ultimately “de-malled” the mall by removing all interior common space.

But at this point, there was no indication as to what businesses would actually occupy this radically reconfigured space. That came later:

#2 – More Details of Georgetown Park Mall

Coming in right ahead of the article discussing the shape of the new mall was GM’s scoop as to who was moving in. GM received a tip with a brochure that Vornado was using to sell the space. The brochure indicated that much of the space was going to be occupied by TJ Maxx and its sister store, Homegoods. GM also was informed that Michaels also was on board, but he hasn’t seen any more evidence of that since the first tip.

#1 – Nike Planning Half Marathon to Coincide with New Store

It always seems to GM that the most popular article every year is totally random and frequently not terribly interesting. That is true for 2012 as well. GM would like to think it has something to do with his incredibly writing skills, but in this case it just appears that a lot of people looking for information about Nike marathons stumbled on to the page (and probably left unsatisfied).

For the record, it looks like the race is on for April. Although it appears they took GM’s advice and steered clear of Georgetown itself.


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8 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolitan Forgets its Own Birthday

  1. jacquer

    Happy Birthday — along with the ice rink and the bowling alley, the potential kids events at Gypsy Sally’s could also provide another option for kids and young families, along with the new offerings at Anna Banana.

  2. A very Happy Belated Birthday!!

  3. imgoph

    Good job, as always, Topher. Have always respected your actual reporting!

  4. Happy Birthday! And, um, er, well the 12 days of Christmas is over….

  5. Kate Whitmore

    Happy birthday, appreciate all you do!

  6. Cynthia Ely

    Congratulations on your Anniversary. I look forward to you every day and admire your superb photos and informative commentary!

  7. asuka

    It’s astonishing that you still claim the med school is moving anytime soon (“anytime soon” = within your lifetime and far beyond it). It’s not. It has been explained to you why it’s not, and yet you continue to promote a baseless rumor that has been definitively dispelled. It makes one question both you and your blog’s credibility.

  8. Kate Whitmore

    asuka, I think you believe it is a “baseless rumor” that has “definitely (been) dispelled,” but GM mentioning the story as one of the most popular items on his blog last year does not imply he is promoting anything. Nothing wrong with being a critical reader, but If you are so unsure of GM’s credibility then maybe you should be policing other blogs that have your confidence.

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