Forget About Fuhggetaboutit

Photo by Domesticat.

Last spring, GM reported that a pizza place was planning on moving into the old Philadelphia Cheeseteak Factory (and old old Cellar Door) building. It was going to be called Fuhggetaboutit and it was going to feature New York style pizza recreating New York City quality water.

Well it’s a year later and it never opened. This week, the restaurant announced that it had abandoned plans to open at that location. It will open at 300 Mass Ave instead.

The plans for the Georgetown location fell through as it became more clear how bad a condition the building is in. This is actually the second restaurant to cancel plans to open there. Before Fuhggetaboutit, Bill’s Burgers was planning on setting up shop there. They even got a liquor license. But then GM heard nothing about it until the plans for the pizza shop popped up.

The building was sold by the Heon family to PVS International LLC for $2.7 million October 2010. It seems that the new owners are either going to have to find some deep pocketed tenants, or maybe pitch in and fix the place up themselves.


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3 responses to “Forget About Fuhggetaboutit

  1. Jacques

    I was wondering about that property when I heard that “Wise Guys NY Pizza” was opening at Mass Court.

    Interesting that it’s the same owners, though I’m not surprised, as it would be an odd coincidence for two different folks to use “FUHGEDABOUDIT!” in their branding.

    It’s a shame that the 34th and M property will continue to sit empty, although I hope it’s only a matter of time before someone comes along to turn it into a high-quality neighborhood addition. The general retail tempo would seem to support that, although some of the “dead spots” in the neighborhood (including that one and Fettoosh/Morso) appear to be able to hang empty for a while.

  2. 3347 M Street was constructed in 1888-89 at a cost of $900. The original owners were T.L & A. B. Cropley. T. R. was a long-time Georgetown pharmacist whose business was located at 3269 M Street.

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