Prettiest Block in Georgetown?

GM has long admired the 3200 block of P St. just west of Wisconsin. But now that the street rehab is mostly over for this block, he now believes it’s the prettiest block in Georgetown.

What’s not to like? It’s got the historic cobblestones with the newly restored trolley tracks. It’s got a beautiful tree canopy. It’s got a great collection of little shops ranging from a used book store, a stationary/tea store, Ed Solomon’s bridal boutique, a gourmet chocolate shop, to a high end antiques store. And it’s got the majestic Addison school anchoring the south side.

Little mini-neighborhoods like this, with their daily rhythms, are the building blocks to a great neighborhood. That it’s absolutely picturesque is gravy!

If you don’t agree, what block do you think is the prettiest?



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4 responses to “Prettiest Block in Georgetown?

  1. Leonard

    It is beautiful, but I love my little street called Cecil Place! Its a great mix of old world charm meets the industrial era! 🙂

  2. Jacques

    I’m personally fond of the 3600 block of O Street, from the Alumni House up the hill to Healy Gates and Healy Hall, but that’s certainly influenced by Hoya pride, and may be more “majestic” than pretty.

    I’d also put in a plug for the 3200 block of R Street, with the Georgetown Library and some marvelous homes.

    And on a smaller scale, the half-block Poplar Street NW.

  3. Nemo

    Georgetown has such a variety of “street-scapes” that it’s difficult to choose just one block as the prettiest. Jacques has a good point about the 3200 block of “R” Street, with its grand residences. From the historical standpoint, N Street between Potomac and 34th Streets, with Cox’s and Marbury’s Rows and the John Kennedy house, have much to offer. N Street between 27th and 31st, for that matter, has some splendid architecture. The little row of houses along the C&O Canal between 30th and 31st Streets has become emblematic of Georgetown charm. Finally, I have the fondest memories of the north side of the 3400 block of Q Street — in the 1960s, at least, the houses were all painted in cheerful pastels, and on a bright autumn afternoon the sensory impact of the maple trees, the houses and the blue sky was hard to match. Many times I went out of my way to walk down that block.

  4. Joan Kennan

    You forgot New York Cleaners, a neighborhood institution thanks to Ozra (If you don’t know who Ozra is, you should stop by there sometime)

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