Stachowski Market Carrying On Griffin Market Tradition

There were many things about the old Griffin Market that many Georgetowners miss. On top of that list was the hugely charming presence of Riccardo Bonino behind the cash register*. But second on that list is probably the nightly prepared dinners that Griffin Market sold.

The way it’d work is that you’d get an email during the day with the nightly menu. You’d call in and say when you wanted to pick it up. That night, a complete tasty meal would be waiting for you.

Luckily for Georgetowners, that tradition has been continued with Jamie Stachowski’s new market, which moved into the old Griffin Market space in the spring. Like Griffin Market, you get an email with the nightly menu, and you call in to place an order.

The photo above was from last Friday night: Herb-roasted pork tenderloin served with seasoned rice and Stachowski stuffed tomato ($13.95). It was delicious (especially the stuffed tomato, which had little bits of Jamie’s trademark sausage in it).

Sign up in the shop or send an email here:

One more tradition lives on with Stachowski Market: Jamie and all his staff are incredibly friendly and helpful.

*GM just has to give an example of Ricardo’s warmth. GM used Griffin Market to cater the Sunday brunch in Montrose Park the day after his wedding. On their first anniversary, GM and Mrs. GM decided to order a Griffin Market dinner to celebrate. When they went to pick it up, with absolutely no prompting, Ricardo remembered it was their anniversary. What a great guy. If you’re ever in Beaumont, SC, they’ve reopened Griffin Market.



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2 responses to “Stachowski Market Carrying On Griffin Market Tradition

  1. David Abrams

    I’ve had several of the prepared dinners, and Chef Stachowski has not disappointed me once. And they are very reasonably priced, from around $11.95 to $14.95. 🙂

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