Cheer Up Georgetown

GM has written a lot about how so many cherished Georgetown landmarks have closed over the last couple years. Whether it’s Nathans, Furin’s, Bartleby Books, Garretts, the Guards, or Barnes and Noble, each has left a large hole.

But cheer up Georgetown! We’ve added future cherished landmarks at the same time. Just take these two examples:

Do you remember what the Georgetown Waterfront looked like ten years ago? It was this:

Photo by BeyondDC.

Now it’s this:

This is obviously a huge improvement! Ten, twenty years down the road we won’t even be able to imagine what it would be like to not have a beautiful waterfront park (which by then will be full of graceful mature trees).

And here’s the other: Stachowski’s. A couple years ago, could you imagine that a good old fashioned butcher shop would come to Georgetown, back in the neighborhood no less? It’s just the sort of thing residents pine for, yet never seems to materialize. Except in this case.

GM’s raved about them before, but it really bears repeating: Stachowski Market is amazing. Their variety of their nightly offerings is a daily temptation in GM’s email box. As great as their prepared food is, their butcher shop fare is even better. They have two cases chock full of delights. In one, fresh cuts sit waiting for your kitchen. In the other the crown jewels: the charcuterie. Whole rolls of pancetta, dozens of Jamie Stachowski’s trademark sausages, cured meats, you name it. All prepared, dried, smoked, stuffed, whatever, right on the premises.

We’re exceptionally lucky that they decided to open here!

So cheer up Georgetown! Yeah, we’ve lost some cherished landmarks. But a lot remain, and more are added every year.


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4 responses to “Cheer Up Georgetown

  1. RobRob


  2. Carol Joynt

    Good points, GM.

  3. Suse

    ..agree; but missing Olsson’s still stings a little.

  4. Olive

    Couldn’t agree more! With two little kids, we spent both days down at the waterfront and had dinner from Stachowski’s on Saturday. It was a great weekend.

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