Cupcake ATM? Not Anytime Soon

Photo by Byron Peebles.

Yesterday, DCist reported on plans by the cupcake shop Sprinkles to bring an ATM-like device to its Georgetown store. The rather ridiculous machine allows people to purchase cupcakes 24 hours a day.

DCist explains:

The machine, which resembles a bank ATM (if bank ATMs were designed by Katy Perry), will be stocked with 600 cupcakes including Sprinkles’ many varieties. When in use, a series of robotic arms and levers withdraws a customer’s selected cupcake and moves it toward the dispensary window, but not before first placing it in a sleek cardboard box.

Sprinkles told the Post that they expect to introduce the cupcake ATM in August.

GM thinks this is a bit of a gimmick, and considering how many free giveaways the store throws and how empty it often is, GM wonders if this outpost is struggling in the shadow of Georgetown Cupcake. And he suspects that tourists who mistakenly end up at Sprinkles instead of Georgetown Cupcake must feel a bit like the kid that got Go-Bots for Christmas instead of Transformers.

And if that’s not enough cold water thrown, here’s another pail: There’s no way this ATM is going to be legally installed by August. To do so would require approval from the Old Georgetown Board, which the store has not received. (GM is not even aware that the store has even applied for approval).

There’s no way OGB would approve the store taking out any of the glass windows to accommodate the ATM. But as you can see from the photo above, there is a door to the side that appears to connect with the store. GM could picture the store getting approval for an ATM there, but we’ll see.

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