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Cupcake ATM? Not Anytime Soon

Photo by Byron Peebles.

Yesterday, DCist reported on plans by the cupcake shop Sprinkles to bring an ATM-like device to its Georgetown store. The rather ridiculous machine allows people to purchase cupcakes 24 hours a day.

DCist explains:

The machine, which resembles a bank ATM (if bank ATMs were designed by Katy Perry), will be stocked with 600 cupcakes including Sprinkles’ many varieties. When in use, a series of robotic arms and levers withdraws a customer’s selected cupcake and moves it toward the dispensary window, but not before first placing it in a sleek cardboard box.

Sprinkles told the Post that they expect to introduce the cupcake ATM in August.

GM thinks this is a bit of a gimmick, and considering how many free giveaways the store throws and how empty it often is, GM wonders if this outpost is struggling in the shadow of Georgetown Cupcake. And he suspects that tourists who mistakenly end up at Sprinkles instead of Georgetown Cupcake must feel a bit like the kid that got Go-Bots for Christmas instead of Transformers. Continue reading


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Sprinkles Opens Today

Today another cupcakery enters the fierce Georgetown market: Sprinkles. It’s the first foreign import to the market; it comes from California.

One of the few perks GM has running a website on Georgetown is that he occasionally gets invited to events around the neighborhood. Thus on Tuesday he stopped by a party at Sprinkles. (As part of the event, Sprinkles donated $25,000 to Babylove DC. Good on them.)

This gave GM a sneak preview at what this new store offers: Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Rose Park path changes proposed.
  • Next Tuesday, Sprinkes Cupcakes will be handing out free cupcakes at G.U. (plus a few other places around town over the next week). The final battle begins!

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by ctankcycles.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Spectreman.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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ANC February Preview: The Hangover Edition

Last month the Old Georgetown Board did not meet. This had the fortunate by-product of making January’s ANC meeting short and sweet. Unfortunately, as the bender is followed by the hangover, so is the short ANC meeting followed by the tedious marathon.

The February ANC meeting must address all the Old Georgetown Board applications that have been queuing up for the last two months. As a result, we’ve got 15 different projects to trudge through next week. But nestled in that morass are several interesting items.

The first item that jumped out at GM as soon as he saw it is Brooks Brothers’ application to redo the Pottery Barn storefront. At the meeting we’ll find out whether Brooks Brothers is going to occupy the entire building or just one of the sections (the building has the Pottery Barn and the old Smith and Hawken spaces). Also, we ought to get a decent idea on when the store will open up.

The second item that ought to cause some interest is the presentation of the plan to renovate the Jelleff sports fields. GM has weighed in on his opinions, but at the meeting the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Maret School will be present to explain/defend the proposal. Continue reading


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