GU Identifies New Satellite Campus

As part of its new campus plan, Georgetown University agreed to identify a new downtown satellite campus for its School of Continuing Studies. The ink is barely dry on the Zoning Commission’s order to approve the plan, and GU has already identified the location of the new campus: 650 Mass Ave.

The new space will accommodate 1,100 students. However, SCS students are unlike most GU students. The programs it offers are generally geared towards working professionals. The new location is perfectly suited to that mission (it’s the building just south of the NPR building, catty-corner to Mt. Vernon Square*). Being so close to downtown and Metro will enable the program to reach many more potential students.

GU has an incentive to establish the satellite campus as soon as possible. As part of the campus plan agreement, the school can add about 1,000 new graduate students on the main campus. But for every SCS space they move to the satellite campus from the main campus, the school can assign to a main campus graduate school program. Thus, by establishing the satellite campus, the school will be able to add about 2,100 new grad students to the main campus.

*Another interesting fact about 650 Mass, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption used to be filmed there.


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3 responses to “GU Identifies New Satellite Campus

  1. pattersonb

    Another interesting fact about 650 Mass is that it’s the headquarters of education software maker Blackboard. I’m not sure if GU is a client of their’s.

  2. Dizzy

    Oh yea, tons of Blackboard use at GU.

  3. It was an exciting moment for me when I first moved to DC to see Kornheiser and Wilbon leaving 650 Mass Ave. one evening.

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