ANC Picture Not So Clear After All

In July, GM speculated that the make-up of the ANC was pretty clear and that there were not going to be many changes. With 6 of the 8 commissioners running unopposed, it still seems likely that there will be little change. But the full lineup remains cloudy after one of candidates for the two student seats failed to make the ballot.

Craig Cassey Jr. had picked up an petition to run for the SMD 4 seat currently held by Jake Sticka. But he apparently didn’t turn in a completed petition by the August 8th deadline. GM reached out to Cassey and he verified that he is going to wage a write-in campaign.

There are a lot of challenges facing students interested in running for ANC. The first is apparent here. They had to be here in DC for their first summer–due to the two year commitment, only rising Sophomores can run– and locate 15 25 people who are also there in the summer and who have changed their registration to their Georgetown address. SMD 4 at least has the benefit of encompassing the Jesuit residence, so someone running for that seat has more potential petition signers. SMD 8 candidates aren’t so lucky.

Other challenges facing students interested in running for ANC include having to stay in DC for two summers (would you really live here in the summer if you didn’t really have to?) and give up going abroad their junior year. Hell, with the new district, the students have to forgo living in the other district for the rest of their Georgetown career.

So GM doesn’t give Cassey a hard time for not getting the petition back in time. But it is important for that seat to be filled, particularly for students who are looking for a larger more productive voice in the ongoing discussions between the school and its neighbors. Leaving it to a write in campaign opens up the possibility that another student will enter the fray (including, perhaps, a freshman) but either way it appears that that seat will get filled.

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