Wingo’s Renovating, Not Closing

GM walked by Wingo’s yesterday and saw a dismaying scene: The interior of the restaurant is completely empty. There had been a sign up recently announcing a vacation, but there was no sign any more, and the place was barren. It looked like a restaurant that was no more.

GM was particularly alarmed by the apparent closing. You see, a few years ago GM started a series on the Georgetown Metropolitan called “Our Town”. It was supposed to be a series where GM would profile a different independent shop. Unfortunately GM didn’t get very far in the series; he only did two: Proper Topper and Wingo’s. Well, Proper Topper closed it’s Georgetown shop about a year later (the Dupont location is still open and doing well). And so if Wingo’s closed, then it would give GM’s Our Town a small business kill-ratio of 100%.

Thankfully, Wingo’s is not closing. GM received a confirmation back from owner Mike Arthur stating that they are merely renovating the restaurant and will be reopen this weekend (which would be an incredibly fast turn around, but that’s what he promised).

A big *phew* from GM.

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