The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Flickr Clicker.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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  1. RNM

    Tom Sietsema hit it right on the head. Granted I went back on opening weekend in May but the Mahi Mahi was reminiscent of a bad Ms. Paul’s concoction. The drinks were good the sikil pak was delicious and the guac was okay but not exceptional. The other dishes don’t really stand out as much in my memory either. The place was so dark that we struggled to read the menu (and I have better than 20-20 vision). The look and feel was, a bit like a Disney take on some over stylized dreary world. Fortunately, they were not pumping the music at a high volume when we were first there…when will people learn that the volume dial is not an “energy and excitement” dial? Personally, I will stick to the Voltagio family places up in Frederick for my Top Chef fix, or better go out to Vegas or Chicago and enjoy really good Mexican fare from a Top Chef Masters (Border Grill and Fontera Grill).

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