Georgetown Continues its Family Outreach

This year, GU has been trying to reach out to the Georgetown community to engage local families with the school’s many resources and activities. Last spring, in fact, they held a meeting just for parents of young children to find out just what young families would like to see more of at GU.

As part of that effort, GU is hosting three events this month. The first is Georgetown Community Day on September 15. This is essentially a tailgate before the Yale-GU game, but it will have free food, as well as face painting and games for the kids.

The second event is the Hoya fall picnic on September 22 at 11:30 on the Healy Lawn. Again, it will have free food as well as plenty of activities for the kids.

Finally, GU will be hosting an outdoor showing of the movie Brave on September 28th at 7:30 on the Copley Lawn.

Some might write off GU’s efforts as simply window dressing used to spice up a campus plan application (some people are very cynical!) but GM believes these efforts are genuine. And the more area families take the school up on their offers, the more genuine and real they will get. So come one out!


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