Keep Watering Those Trees

Photo by Jon Hayes Photography.

This isn’t the first time GM has bugged you about it, and it certainly won’t be the last, but despite the cooler weather you still need to keep watering your street trees. The watering season doesn’t end until the end of September, so keep it up.

GM will note that Casey Trees considers this week to be “normal” which means watering is actually optional this week. So don’t worry if you forget, but it can’t hurt to keep tree-watering in your routine in case conditions turn drier later this month.

Longtime readers will know that this is a bit of a hobby horse of GM’s. But is there any site more perfect on a beautiful summer day that a sun-dappled tree-shaded sidewalk? We have those sidewalks because those before us cared for what are now mature trees. We owe it to future generations to care for our young trees now, so that as many as possible can grow up and provide decades of service.

If this issue is as important (or more) to you than GM, you might be interested in attending a symposium Casey Trees is holding on the state of DC’s tree canopy. It’s on October 18th, check it out.

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