At Large Candidates Debate Today in Georgetown

Photo by Beto O’Rourke.

This afternoon at 4:00, four candidates for the DC Council At-Large election will be debating at St. John’s Church. The debate will be hosted by the Georgetown BID. The invited candidates are current Councilmembers Vincent Orange (D) and Michael Brown (pretend I but really a D), and challengers David Grosso (I) and Mary Beatty (R).

GM has a particular affinity for the At Large elections because it is the only election where independents like him can actually have an effective voice. And this year there appears to be a genuine race on for the second slot (Vincent Orange, despite embarrassing himself during the interim chairman selection, is expected to easily win the “Democratic” seat). Brown has been dogged by accusations that he can’t manage finances after his entire campaign war chest vanished. But he can rely on great name recognition and solid support throughout the city.Grosso has stepped forward to try to win the support of the “good government” voters. He may have more success than previous GooGoo candidates like Bryan Weaver and Patrick Mara if not simply because he won’t be splitting votes the way those other candidates did. Beatty is running a spirited campaign, but doesn’t have the name recognition like perennial Republican councilmember Carol Schwartz.

It should be a great debate so come on over.

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