How You Can Help Out Your Local Schools Without Actually Doing Much


Do you like to support your local schools without having to do much? Do you like to eat? Do you ever buy stuff on Amazon? If you answered yes to these questions, keep reading.

You can help out Hardy School, Georgetown’s local middle school, in two simple ways. The first way is to sign up your Safeway Club Card to Hardy’s eScript number (2479580). After you do this, 1% of all your purchases at Safeway will be donated to Hardy’s PTA. You won’t be charged more or lose any discounts, money will simply go from Safeway to the PTA. Just stop by the Safeway customer service desk on your next trip to Safeway and sign up. That’s it.

The second way is similar, but with Amazon. If you buy something at Amazon, click through here. It’s the same Amazon, but with any purchase you make, Amazon will send 6% of revenues to the PTA. Again, you don’t pay more, it’s all coming from Amazon.

Two little things that could really help out Hardy, and neither will cost you a dime!


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  1. Warren

    I like to use (which is also based in Georgetown) to support my causes when I shop.

    Check it out, they also have great travel deals where they donate 10% to the nonprofit I choose.

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