Bowling Coming to Georgetown?

Last Friday, Martin Austermuhle of DCist had a major scoop about Vornado’s plans for the Georgetown Park mall: the developer was planning on bringing in a bowling alley.

Austermuhle wrote:

The plans envision a restaurant on the mall’s first level—fronting Wisconsin Avenue—that seats 100, the 12 bowling lanes and three bocce courts. A second floor would include banquet rooms and two more bocce courts. Each game at Pinstripes’ other locations cost $5 not including the $4 for shoes, while entrees range from $17 to $27.

Intimating that the plans might be controversial, he also noted Vornado’s preemptive strategy:

Seemingly prepared for some pushback from local residents, the proposal tries to downplay the bowling element, saying that only 20 percent of the restaurant’s square footage will be dedicated to the sport and that less than five percent of its clientele are expected to partake. “The primary focus of the establishment will be on its food,” says the proposal, which cites menu items such as filet mignon, maple glazed salmon jumbo lump crab cake and “other fine-dining items.”

Frankly, those food items sound like something from Red Lobster, not “fine-dining”.

But that’s about the only quibble GM has with this plan. Having a bowling alley in Georgetown would be awesome for young families. And it could replace the hole that was created with the closing of Georgetown Billiards, namely a place for 18 year old kids to hang out and have fun without needing a fake id.

For some reason, the bowling alley would need zoning relief. And Austermuhle suggests that some of the Georgetown Park condo-dwellers might object to the noise from a bowling alley (the Simpsons hard-luck character Frank Grimes famously lived above a bowling alley [and below another]). So they are well within their rights to demand adequate sound abatement.

Other than this reasonable objection, GM doesn’t anticipate any other pushback. Some may point to Lucky Strike in Gallery Place and complain that it attracts “unruly” crowds. GM’s response to that would be to point out that Gallery Place has a movie theater that also attracts those same crowds. If it’s the activity that attracts rowdy teens, than wouldn’t Georgetown’s movie theater attract them too?



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8 responses to “Bowling Coming to Georgetown?

  1. GTPC Resident

    I would like to see how you would react if such establishment was proposed under your home, with bowling, teenagers and live music. I’m sure you would be thrilled.

  2. Carol Joynt

    Hahaha. “Maple glazed salmon crab cake.” Oh, yum. We give Vornado the culinary innovation award, and many times over on the good luck with that.

  3. How utterly tacky……….

  4. John Gatti

    The values of the Georgetown Park Condos will be halved. Who would want to live among proposed activities? I’ll leave. John Gatti

  5. GTPC Resident 2

    To Varnado and Pinstrips: I am sorry, Georgetown in DC is not Minnesota or Illinois where the bowling company operates, how can people live on top of 12 lanes of bowling lanes and 100 seat’s restaurant with all the noise and ordor??? Can you sleep well when there’s bowling balls rolling, equipment runing and people yelling underneath your home every nights and weekends? Pls don’t tell us it can be sound proof. it won’t stop the vibration and odor and these two get people sick!!! and Pls, leave us in peace. It’s ok Tiffany is not coming to the mall, home goods does, but bowling alley? You are inviting trouble coming into the door, not profit, for sure.

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