Jos. A. Banks To Open


GM wasn’t aware of this news until the signs went up: Jos. A. Bank is opening up in the new commercial strip just south of Safeway. (Normally this would have been revealed during the Old Georgetown Board review of the signage, but either they skipped that, or it just wasn’t specifically mentioned in the agenda).

This is normally the place where GM would complain about the mallification of Georgetown. Yes, Jos. A. Bank is a pretty middle-of-the-road chain. And Georgetown really doesn’t need more clothing stores. But GM’s gotten so pessimistic about the state of Georgetown retail that a Jos. A. Banks counts as “well, it could be worse”.


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8 responses to “Jos. A. Banks To Open

  1. Alison Alten

    Feeling the same about our retail core – wondering if you have had a heart-to-heart with the new BID chairman to give voice to the neighborhood rumblings? Sounds like a CAG meeting topic…

  2. Guy

    In keeping with neighborhood standards for men’s suit shops, they will be required to have a “Going Out of Business!” sign posted for at least 11 months of every year.

  3. RNM

    Finally, a store I have actually purchased a suit from…not that I wear them other than for funeral and weddings. Again, stores where real people shop, making Georgetown more liveable.

  4. Jacques

    I have to agree with RNM here — if we’re not going to get funky/independent businesses in, I’d rather have a store that I have/will occasionally shop in, than the trendy/expensive British clothing stores that have been taking over Wisconsin and M.

    Though I think Guy’s comment is one of the best I’ve seen in the comment threads lately!

  5. Carol Joynt

    Agreed, GM. It’s a boring store. If we learn how long the lease is then we’ll know it’s closing date.

  6. Joan Kennan

    I agree. At least it’s not another bank.

  7. adam

    It seems that Georgetown has attracted a lot of shops that either are flagships or showpieces intended to serve as brand advertising as much as retail (e.g. Nike), or establishments that are destinations for one-off trips (e.g. Jos. A Bank). As a local resident, I have to say I don’t like them concentrating in my neighborhood even if I appreciate having them in my city. I am happy to travel to get my suit at 19th and M once every couple years, or to go to the mall for shoes. But these big retailors draw their business from far outside the local community. That means they can pay a lot more in rent than can businesses that serve the day-to-day needs of local people like me–I’d prefer more opportunities for places like Baked and Wired, BooeyMonger, Stachowski’s, or Furin’s; and I wish the blossoming restaurants and shops on 14th or H streets could try their luck here. But in a neighborhood tipping toward destination retail, the economics of such ventures are just getting harder. And I think local homeowners are the worse off for it.

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