Some New Retail Comings and Not Comings


GM has learned of a few new retail developments. Nothing Earth-shattering, but some good news in it.

The first one is that something called Alex and Ani (+) Energy is moving into 3070 M St. This is apparently a “bangle bracelet” store. This seems to be more of the same for Georgetown (stores where young women spend their parents’ money). But this space is not huge so it’s not exactly a big opportunity loss.

The second is that Cady’s Alley is adding a Bonobo’s Guideshop. Bonobo’s is a primarily online retailer of men’s clothing. But they do have a couple brick and mortar stores (including one in Bethesda). This would be their sixth such store.

Third, a new store has popped up in the space that was just recently a cashmere-only store and was Jan’s before that (1419 Wisconsin Ave.) The new store is called Amazon Andes, and appears to have South American goods. GM suspects it might have as short a run as the cashmere place, but it’s adds a little variety.

Finally, as Carol Joynt reported a while back, there was supposed to be a new 7-11 at the corner of O and Wisconsin. GM can’t say he was excited about the news, so he was relieved to hear from a very reliable source that the deal is off and the space is back on the market. This is why there was suddenly new “for lease” signs up in the window recently.



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