More Archaeological Treasure


A couple weeks ago, GM reported on the archaeological finds in his garden. While some prep work was being done for a new tree, some pottery shards, oysters, and coal turned up. Well, last week when the tree itself was planted, another cool piece of history popped up.

You can see above that it’s the bottom of a glass bottle. In this case, the bottle bears the familiar name of Heinz’s. Specifically it says: “7/Heinz’s/Pat Jany/13 1882”.

A little (electronic) digging revels that this bottle was “made in the Heinz Glass Factory in Sharpsburg, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. It held 8 ounces of Heinz Ketchup and was called ‘the handsome bottle’. It was made between 1880 and 1905.”

That’s consistent with the plate shard that GM found, which dated to sometime after 1879.

GM’s house was built approximately 1895. So either the early residents were throwing trash into their own backyard, or perhaps the neighbors threw it in when it was just an empty lot. Either way, pretty fun find.


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