Even Greater Temporarily Closed Sign


Back in June, GM noted that the “temporarily closed” sign on Georgetown Dinette was either a great “temporarily closed” sign, or the greatest. The sign stated:

June 09 2012

Dear Friend

We are away from store about two weeks for family matter.

We are very sorry.

Don’t be mad, sad, cry.

We’ll be back soon and happy together again.

Emmy and Harry

Well Emmy and Harry were back in top form in November when they put up the sign above. This one manages the express the warmth of the first one, but with the horse dancing reference it even adds some topical electoral humor on top.

Georgetown Dinette is about the opposite of the fanciest place in town, but it may have the most character per square foot of any place in Georgetown.

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  1. RobRob

    Sweet Birkenstocks.

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