The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Ehpien.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:



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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Love that photo by Ehpien … great shot.

  2. Nemo

    What a fascinating photo — check out the stump of the uncompleted Washington monument, and the now-removed causeway from Analostan/Roosevelt Island to the Virginia shore. If I had to guess, I think the photographer set up his camera at somehere just a bit to the northeast of the present-day intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Foxhall Road. The little body of water in the foreground could be Foundry Branch, and the various buildings, the remains of the Foxall (sic) cannon foundry. The metal (?)pipes arching over the creek are presumably Montgomery Meigs’s conduit, carrying water from Little Falls to the city. The Georgetown College campus is not too far out of sight to the left of the camera view.

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