Frye Company Coming to Old Pappa Razzi Space

GM noticed in the Old Georgetown Board agenda yesterday that a new tenant for the old Papa Razzi space has been identified: the Frye Company (GM should give credit to Dan Silverman for reporting this first, although Silverman was a bit more equivocal.)

Frye Company is a boot company that touts itself as the oldest continuously run shoe company in the United States. The boot styles tend towards western in style. Beyond boots, the company offers a wide range of (primarily leather) shoes.

GM had heard rumors that this space was going to be a DSW. The Frye Company appears to be a higher end store. Either way, it does seem like a loss for such a huge space to just sell shoes.

Perhaps the new store will design the store with an homage to the building’s history as an old fire station?



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3 responses to “Frye Company Coming to Old Pappa Razzi Space

  1. RNM

    Will miss Paparazzi, having spent many nights sitting at the high tops in the front window.

    Too bad Frye beat out DSW if it has to be a shoe store. Guess our house will have to continue to drive to Virginia to buy shoes. The shoes look nice but, upscale just to be upscale always comes off as pretentious.

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  3. I won’t miss Papa Razzi much, as I only ventured there once after 1999, after a couple of visits in the early college years.

    That said, it seems like the space would have been a little to small to pull off a DSW.

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