The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Carol Joynt.

Happy New Year Georgetown! Here’s the latest:


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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Charlie Eason

    Wonderful photo Carol! And thanks to GM for shoring it.

  2. adam

    Regarding the boathouse, I was a bit shocked that they’ve been paying $356/month in rent. That’s prime real estate, and given the prices to store and rent boats seems to represent a windfall to the leaseholder off of taxpayer property. I love the idea of having that space as a boathouse–indeed, I’d love to see adjacent underutilized spaces like the empty lots to the west of the waterfront, under the bridge, and the shuttered canoe club restored to public use–but I think it should be done in an open and competitive process. Perhaps competitive bidding can bring in some revenues for local Park Service use; or, if they want to keep rents at $356/month perhaps the bidding should be on services and low prices so that the benefits of low-cost river access will flow to users rather than the concession holder.

  3. Abraham, Georgia

    Spectacular picture

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