7-11 Now Back On for O and Wisconsin

Back in October, Carol Joynt broke the news that a 7-11 was coming to the corner of O and Wisconsin (the old Doc Dalinsky’s). After this news was released, GM heard through the grapevine that the deal fell through. Well now GM hears that it’s back on.

GM heard that the reason the original deal fell through was that 7-11 was going to have to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into renovating the space and was demanding either to be paid for those renovations or receive the space rent-free. The property is owned by the large Donohue family. With such a large family, it’s hard sometimes for agreements to be made which appear to be bad deals (e.g. offering a retail space on Wisconsin Ave. for no rent). According to GM’s source, the deal just couldn’t be made and the plans were shelved.

Apparently the family came around because according to GM’s source 7-11 got the space rent free, with the understanding that they’d sink a lot of money into renovating the properties. The plans call for it to occupy the corner property and the space next door which last held Clutch.

GM would be lying to say he is happy about this news. 7-11’s are pretty dingy places that sell mostly junk food. Any chance that this stretch of Wisconsin would shed its cheap-suit-store character seems gone. It’s particularly unfortunate that a junk food store like this is opening up within feet of an elementary school.


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  1. Kate Whitmore

    Well, Doc’s was quaint and personal but hardly sold health food. As I kid, I often bought candy bars and ice creams there, or at the Dumbarton Pharmacy, or at People’s. Hyde-Addison kids already have junk food galore available at Wingos and the other pizza places nearby. At least 7-11 will sell basic groceries, something students and locals definitely could use. I would rather see Neam’s re-open as a real deli and fine grocery store, either at their original location or on a smaller scale here.

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