The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Jacquesofalltrades.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • The Peabody Room gets a new acquisition.
  • A lot of people complain about the cheap suit stores on Wisconsin Ave. and make innuendos about the “real” business going on there. The thing is, a lot of those business have shifted to sneakers, and the business is booming.

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  1. Michael G

    I live in the neighborhood and walk past the strip of stores on Wisconsin Avenue almost every day. I know nothing about the sneakers of the moment, and I have never shopped at any of the sneaker stores on Wisconsin Ave. But I feel like I can recognize good design, and the sneaker store “Major” at 1426 Wisconsin Ave. (not the store featured in the Washington Post article) is a shining example of the potential of that block. From the street, Major stands out as stylish, sleek, and modern. And their interior designers and edited merchandise have made the small interior look spacious and inviting. I would love to see the other stores on that block follow their lead. A nice photo from the interior, looking out, is at

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