Wagners Applies to Open on Sundays



Last year, the DC Council amended the liquor laws to allow liquor stores to open on Sundays. Finally this last vestige of an archaic Blue law would be removed and people could get some booze on the seventh day.

In January the city began accepting applications from stores wishing to open on Sundays. As of last week, fifty-nine such stores have applied, including Georgetown’s Wagner’s (and Glover Park’s Pearson’s too, if you prefer them).

ABRA is reviewing and approving the applications on a rolling basis with first come, first served. Wagners was not among the very first, so it might take a little while until it is approved. But after all these years of kicking yourself for forgetting to pick up liquor on Saturday for a Sunday soiree, a few weeks more is not so bad.



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3 responses to “Wagners Applies to Open on Sundays

  1. I assume that means Wagner’s doesn’t operate under a voluntary agreement? I’m not sure if any Georgetown liquor stores do, or just restaurants/bars, but I think a lack of voluntary agreement was stipulated in the application process.

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  3. Topher

    Not sure about the VAs. I assume Wagners doesn’t have one, but I’m not sure about the other liquor stores.

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