The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Markrd5538.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • DSW coming to the mall.
  • GM hasn’t noticed increased secret service around the new Secretary of State’s house. Is this normal or are the guards hidden?


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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Jacques

    This is anecdotal, but from when Madeline Albright was SecState, it seemed like when she was home, there was one Diploatic Security Service (rather than Secret Service, since State has its own police agency) car in front and another–marked or unmarked–in the alley behind or on the side of the house. When she was not home, there didn’t appear to be as much of a visible presence, though they may have still been there, of course.

    I wonder if there’s more built-in security apparatus in Kerry’s house, based on whatever Secret Service put in place during the 2004 campaign.

  2. Carol Joynt

    State has their own security detail, but usually it’s visible. Maybe he’s not there?

  3. RNM

    There was minimal noticed when it was Warren Christopher up on Dent, but they had added surveillance and screwed shut the mail slot. Albright had more security, the van which had power run from inside the house popping up a wire at the zone parking sign and the car blocking the alley off 35th. At first, she had three vehicles out front and uniformed agents on the sidewalk, but that presence continued to decline other than nights when Clinton and Vaclav Havel were over and they shut the block down making it a challenge to get in our car and head out that night…first and last time I backed up that block. Try unparellel parking but to go backwards.

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