Now and a Long Time Ago: M and 30th

This week, GM finally gets back to Now and a Long Time Ago. And it’s the corner of 30th and M that he visits.

Unfortunately, GM was unable to find out anything about the shops that once occupied these spaces. At the center is Wayne’s, which was a TV repair shop. On the right is a stereo/record shop called something “fidelity”. GM can’t really add anything else.

But GM did locate a sad story associated with these buildings. In April 1947, a 13 year old boy named Embrey Kitts from Dumbarton St. met up with his friends, including the brothers James and William Wilson of 2920 M St., and rented a rowboat to fish in the Potomac.

Unfortunately the boat sank and poor Embrey Kitts couldn’t swim. He drown about a mile up the river from the Key Bridge. He was a first year student at Gordon Junior High, which is now Hardy Middle School.



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4 responses to “Now and a Long Time Ago: M and 30th

  1. Marcy Logan

    I do not see a date for the picture (doesn’t mean it isn’t there). I remember the TV repair shop from 1963.
    Marcy Logan

  2. Also, wasn’t there a Manny, Mo and Jack’s on that block?

  3. Tom

    What about the trolley tracks and cobblestones? Are they still there under the asphalt?

  4. Chris

    How do you do that photo changeover when the cursor is moved over the picture? Neat.

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