It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s Georgetown (Cont.)

Photo by mewwhirl.

Last October, GM noticed that more and more clothing stores that catered primarily or exclusively to men were opening in Georgetown. The trend is continuing.

On top of the new Bonobos Guide Shop in Cady’s Alley, and the Billy Reid coming to the old Pizzeria Uno space comes a men’s barber called Roosters.

GM hears that such a shop is opening in one of the new buildings next to the Safeway. It’s part of a national chain. The website says it’s trying to bring back the stylish manly barber culture of the mid-20th century, but the site design reads more like 1990’s Geocities. Hopefully the local franchisee puts a bit more effort into the finishing touches.



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2 responses to “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s Georgetown (Cont.)

  1. I’m quite happy with the barbershop experience I get from Ed, Nguyen, Tina, Veronica (and occasionally still, Rigo) at Georgetown Hairstyling on 35th Street.

    But I suppose I’d rather have a manly barbershop coming into that spot than another bank.

    Wait, there is another (Cardinal) Bank coming into that plaza? Oh well…

  2. Kate Whitmore

    At Roosters, a “shave and a haircut, 40 bits!” Yet another attempt at getting nostalgic boomers to fork over excessive amounts of cash for pseudo authenticity. We’ll stick with the excellent gang on 35th Street, or head down to Puglisi on Penn. All the real deal, not pretentious, all reasonable.

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