What Does Georgetown Taste Like 2013



As part of his annual survey of Georgetown stores, GM likes to also tally up the styles of restaurants and track just what type of food are we eating?

Like last year, sweets are leading the way with 19 shops. We actually lost two sweet shops (Leonides and the Candy Bar) but gained two (Macaron Bee and the capitalism-disproving Edible Arrangements).

American is still in second with 12 restaurants, although technically Italian would be second if GM didn’t break out pizza from Italian (who really thinks of Dominoes as Italian?).

We lost two categories this year as the only British pub and the only pan-Asian restaurants closed (the Guards and Mei N You respectively). We added one category, butcher shop, with Stachowski Market.

All in all there are still 131 restaurants, delis, ice cream shops, etc.

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