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What Does Georgetown Taste Like 2013



As part of his annual survey of Georgetown stores, GM likes to also tally up the styles of restaurants and track just what type of food are we eating?

Like last year, sweets are leading the way with 19 shops. We actually lost two sweet shops (Leonides and the Candy Bar) but gained two (Macaron Bee and the capitalism-disproving Edible Arrangements).

American is still in second with 12 restaurants, although technically Italian would be second if GM didn’t break out pizza from Italian (who really thinks of Dominoes as Italian?).

We lost two categories this year as the only British pub and the only pan-Asian restaurants closed (the Guards and Mei N You respectively). We added one category, butcher shop, with Stachowski Market.

All in all there are still 131 restaurants, delis, ice cream shops, etc.


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The Stores of Georgetown



Yesterday, GM gave his annual State of Georgetown post. Today he follows that up with a list of all 496 shops in Georgetown.

Here they are in no particular order:

Acqua Nails
Café Divan
Animal Hospital
Talio Hair
Dry Bar
Jos. A Bank
Next Day Blinds
Sky Shoes
Dalton Pratt
Harmony Salon
Bistrot Lepic
Shanghai Lounge
P.O. Boxes Etc.
Carine’s Bridal
First Cash Pawnbrokers
H.A. Gill Realtors
Anna Banana
Premiere Bank
Hidden Treasure
Casbah Café
Wagner’s Liquor
Long & Foster
Books Used and Rare
Fine Art Gallery
Carlise Flooring
Addison Ripley Fine Art
A Mano
Heiner Contemporary
Meridian Health and Relaxation
French Apartment Continue reading


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The State of Georgetown 2013

The State of Georgetown


As previewed Monday, GM has finally performed his annual census of Georgetown’s shops and restaurants and is ready to present his results.

Before we get to that, a couple of caveats first. When GM uses the word “store”, he is including all retail stores and restaurants, as well as just about any commercial operation that accepts walk-ins. So he includes realtors, but not lawyers. A children’s arts classroom but not the elementary schools. It’s not a scientific distinction, but GM had to draw the line somewhere.

With that said, to the numbers!


There are an overall 496 shops in Georgetown as of February 2013. This continues a steady decline since 2011 when GM counted 527 shops and last year when he tallied 510. Part of this decline can surely be attributed to the recession and anemic recovery, but the bulk of the reduction can be attributed to the mall closing. In 2011 there were nearly 100 shops in the mall, now there is only the Washington Sports Club. In fact, if you set the mall aside completely, Georgetown has been adding more stores than it’s lost over the last couple years.

Looking just at the openings and closing, this dynamic plays out. Overall there were 56 closings and 43 openings. But if you take out the mall from consideration, there were only 43 closings and still 43 openings. Not gangbusters, but enough. (Although, for what it’s worth, there were only 40 non-mall closures in 2011.)

The 43 openings matches exactly the number of openings in 2011. And that is higher than the 2010 number: 22.

On a more troubling note, the vacancy rate increased a good deal last year, even after ignoring the mall. There were 44 non-mall vacancies in 2011, there are 60 right now. It’s worth noting, however, that a bunch of these vacant spaces already have future tenants in place, but most don’t.

Independent vs. Chain

Independent shops still make up the majority of shops in Georgetown (of course, they probably don’t make up the majority floor space, but GM can’t measure that). There are 341 independent shops in Georgetown, or 68.8% of the total. That’s a small tick down from last year when the percentage was 70%. Not to sound like a broken record, but that drop can mostly be attributed to the mall closing.

Another contributor to the declining independent shop numbers is the fact that of the new stores, more were chains than independents. Specifically, 55% of the stores that opened last year were chain stores. In 2011 that number was 42%. In other words, not only are independent shops not opening up enough to replenish their current numbers, they aren’t opening enough to remain the majority. Continue reading


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The State of Georgetown: Preview

The State of Georgetown


Every year GM performs a census of sorts of all the stores and restaurants in Georgetown. It was originally inspired as a way to rebut the accusation that Georgetown is mostly full of chain stores (it isn’t). But GM has continued to build his database each year, adding stores he missed the previous year.

GM has performed his review for 2013. However, he still has to do some error-checking and other edits before diving in with a full blown review of the state of Georgetown.

That said, today he’s offering a quick preview of the data: what opened and what closed?

Between the 2012 survey (which was done in February 2012) and this year’s survey (which was done last weekend) there were 56 store closings, 43 store openings, and 7 stores moving locations within Georgetown.

That’s a drop in closings from last year’s (probably record) high of 79 closings. Last year’s number was mostly so high because the mall was getting cleared out. This year’s number is also inflated a bit by the 13 mall stores that were still around last year. Oddly, in 2012 there were also 43 openings, just like this year. Continue reading


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Georgetown From A to Y

Yesterday, GM made a passing reference to the variety of Georgetown offerings. When he compiles his annual list of Georgetown stores, GM uses somewhat broad categories so that the pie charts are a little more legible. But yesterday GM sat down and split up all the shops (and restaurants, realtors, etc.) into more accurate categories, more like you’d find in the Yellow Pages.

And voila, the list of every type of establishment in Georgetown*. Maybe someday GM will get around to putting in addresses and phone numbers, but for now he’ll leave that to you and Google:

*A couple caveats: GM decided to pick a single category for each establishment. This makes sense for most stores, but a place like Sweet Green is tougher. Wanting to describe what food each restaurant offered GM decided to call it “Salad”. Also GM might simply be wrong about what type of store these places are, so let him know in the comments.


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What Does Georgetown Taste Like?

A few more data points from GM’s annual survey of Georgetown stores: what type of restaurants are here? Here’s the answer:

Last year “American” and Italian led the pack, but this year GM changed up the classification scheme. Pizza places were separated from general Italian restaurants, and burger joints and taverns were separated from American. This left the ascendant “Sweets” category at number one with nineteen different shops. Continue reading

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Where All the Closings and Openings Were

For those that are more visually minded, here’s where all the openings (green), closings (red), and intra-Georgetown moves (blue) happened last year.


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The State of Georgetown 2012

As discussed a few times over the last couple days, GM recently finished his annual survey of stores in Georgetown (again, just for reference sake, “stores” in this context means stores, restaurants, salons, etc.; basically any commercial space except pure office space). He’s sliced and diced the numbers and is ready to serve them up.

Overall Numbers

This year GM counted a total of 510 stores in Georgetown. This is a drop from the 527 he counted last year. As noted last week, this doesn’t mean Georgetown lost a net of 17 stores; it’s a bit worse than that. That’s because every year GM counts a few more stores that he overlooked in previous years.

When you just isolate out the openings and closings, the situation looks a lot worse. There were 78 closings in Georgetown in 2011. That compares with a total of 43 closings from the year before, and 47 the year before that. That’s a 81% increase in store closings. Put in context: 15% of stores open in February 2010 are now closed.

You might think that the gutting of the mall is causing this increase, but that’s not the whole story. Yes, 38 of the closings were in the mall (compared with only 16 the year before) but that still means that 40 non-mall stores closed. Last year only 27 non-mall stores closed. That’s a 48% increase.

The good news is that there was a corresponding increase in openings to somewhat offset this gloom. There were 43 openings in 2011. That compares with 30 the year before, and 22 the year before that. So that means there were almost twice the number of stores opening in 2011 than in 2009. That’s some good momentum.

But there are still more new vacancies now then there was a year ago, 35 to be exact (to make the total number of vacancies 117). That’s an increase in vacancies of almost 300% over last year’s 13 net loss. This increase probably can be mostly attributable to the mall. Thus the overall story is that the pace of turnover (i.e. old stores being replaced by new stores) increased from 2010 to 2011, but the spike in vacancies in the mall means the net losses are way up. Continue reading


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The State of Georgetown 2012: Openings and Closings

It’s that time of year again when GM goes around counting up all the stores in Georgetown and determining what closed, what opened, and what’s still around. While GM is still doing some slicing and dicing to give you a full picture of the scene, today he’s going to simply list all the stores that closed and all the stores that opened between now and 12 months ago.

The Closings:

There were 77 shops that closed between last year’s check and this year’s. They were:

  • Einstein Bagels
  • Altezze/Gore Dean
  • For Your Home Décor
  • Sixteen-Fifty Nine
  • Georgetown Café
  • Erwin Gomez
  • Washingtonian Gas
  • Claude Taylor
  • Poppy
  • Fuel
  • NIDO
  • Originals
  • National Jewelry Center
  • Big Planet Comics
  • Gallerie Anatolian
  • Reiss London
  • Ed Hardy
  • Georgetown Fine Jewelry
  • See
  • Prince Café
  • Hunan Chinese
  • Aditi Indian Cuisine
  • Morso
  • Morso Express
  • Sangaree
  • Fresh
  • Hook
  • Club Monaco Continue reading


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Georgetown Experiences a Net Loss in Stores for 2011

This is the time of the year when GM goes out and does an audit on all the stores in Georgetown. He walks up and down all the streets and notes whether a store is still open, or if it closed, or if the space is still vacant, etc. And while there was a whole lot of activity in 2011, both on the openings and closings side, it turned out to be a net negative year for the neighborhood. GM will have a long post slicing and dicing the numbers next week, but here’s a preview.

In 2011, GM counted 530 stores in Georgetown. (For the purposes of this exercise, a “store” is a shop, restaurant, salon, etc. Basically any commercial establishment except purely office space). This year the total tally is 509. And the reduction of 21 stores is probably slightly worse than it sounds because every year GM adds some more shops to his list that he overlooked in previous years. In fact GM counted 96 closings and 40 openings, which would suggest a net loss of 56 stores, or 10.5%. It’s worth noting that the closings were highly concentrated in the mall. Continue reading


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