Rumor: Levy Group Won West Heating Plant Auction

West Heating Plant


GM received a tip yesterday from a very reliable source that, notwithstanding partially overheard bus conversations, the winner of the West Heating Plant auction was the Levy Group/Four Seasons. GM has placed a request for confirmation in, but hasn’t received a response yet.

It’s unclear what particular entity won the bidding. The Levy Group was teaming with the Georgetown Company, Four Seasons, and Strategic Hotels and Resorts (the entity that owns the Georgetown Four Seasons).

What is clear is that if this is verified, GM gets to treat himself to Stachowski’s.



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4 responses to “Rumor: Levy Group Won West Heating Plant Auction

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  2. Wow, how’d they swing that. I didn’t think it looked like they had a chance of winning. :/

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