Now and a Long Time Ago: Q and Wisconsin

This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM swings up to Q and Wisconsin. The old photo is care of Old Time DC and it was taken in 1973.

It shows the northwest corner of the intersection. At the time it was the location of Jack Bryant’s used car lot. This location was the site of a used car lot since at least the 1930s. GM found ads from that time period for a National Auto Sales Co. at that address.

By the 60s, the lot had gained a European focus. GM found an add for a 1960 Porsche Super Roadster being sold by Little Cars at this address. It was offered at $1795. Nowadays this model can sell for up to $180,000. (If GM ever gets rich, this is the car that he wants to keep at his beach house.)

Jack Bryant seems to have taken over the lot sometime in the early 70s, just a few years before the photo above.

The lot didn’t get a building until 1987. GM knows that the 7-11 was there in 1993 at the latest (it was previously featured in his now-retired series “Now and Not So Long Ago”). So GM’s not sure if anything was there before the 7-11 (if so, they didn’t advertise in the Post). The 7-11 closed about five years ago, and the space sat empty until Edible Arrangements opened up last year.

South of that lot stood the Last Chance Texaco. Before it burned down, this gas station was a “Washingtonian Gas”-branded station. When it reopens, it will be a Shell Station.

Finally, GM can’t help but point out again the loss of trees from 1973 to today. It’s really sad.


Used Car


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  1. That part of the Avenue always feels like scorched earth thanks to the loss of canopy.

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