Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin & Q

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After a week off, GM returns to Not So Long Ago, this time a bit further up Wisconsin again. What’s notable for this location is not what it’s become, but what it hasn’t become.

The 7-11 you see in 1993 closed in 2005 (or 2006, GM can’t remember exactly). Absolutely nothing has happened to this property since then. Is it a bad location? Is it a stubborn landlord? How can a space like this sit empty in Georgetown for over five years? Something’s wrong here.

Anyway, here are the photos if they don’t show up above:



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2 responses to “Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin & Q

  1. Back in the ’60s this used to be a used auto lot. Until the 7-11 came along, not much worked here. The 7-11 building is ugly. How the OGB and our ANC ever let this monstrosity get built is beyond me. Wisconsin and Que has pretty much always been a cut-off for shoppers on-foot. With gas stations at three corners for years, people walking up Wisconsin Avenue stopped, turned around and went back down the other side. Today, there are still two gas stations, a bank, and this ugly building occupying the four corners. And most tourists walking up Wisconsin Ave. come to to this corner, turn around and go back down the other side. Too bad, because the 1600 block of Wisconsin has always had some of the more interesting shops in the village.

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