Would You Be Interested in a Georgetown-Only Parking Permit?

Photo by Matt Hurst.

As DDOT considers making changes to the way street parking is managed in Georgetown, one idea that gets batted around a lot is to create a new residential parking zone just for Georgetown.

The idea would be to replace our current Zone 2 stickers with a Zone 2E sticker (covering all of ANC 2E, including Burleith). No longer would people from the rest of Ward 2 be able to park all day in Georgetown. But there’s a catch, no longer would Georgetowners be able to park all day in the rest of Ward 2.

This change is premised on the suspicion that many Ward 2 residents from outside Georgetown come here and park all day. Specifically, the assertion is that office workers drive over from Dupont or points east and fill up the side streets. Is there any truth to this? GM hasn’t a clue, but he knows some Georgetowners who do the opposite and they would also be affected by this change.

And that’s the trade off. Residential parking permits are designed to give residents priority access to park in their neighborhoods. But since the zones are ward-wide, the rules basically make no distinction between someone who lives on a particular block and someone who live miles away. Many have long argued that the residential zones ought to be much smaller, but when it comes time to actually reduce the size of the zones, the voices of those who benefit from the large zones pipe up.

So what do you think? Would you like to keep non-Georgetown resident cars from parking here all day, even if it meant not being able to do the same in Dupont?

As for GM, he would be happy to take that trade off. Much of the rest of Ward 2 doesn’t even have RPP signed blocks (i.e. streets that allow Zone 2 residents to park all day) and the ones that do are even harder to find parking than Georgetown. When GM wants to go to other parts of Ward 2 he just walks or takes a bus. Frankly it’s hardly much slower once you factor in time looking for a space.


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3 responses to “Would You Be Interested in a Georgetown-Only Parking Permit?

  1. Jacques

    Although we occasionally take advantage of just what you mentioned (all day parking in Dupont, Foggy Bottom, or as far as Shaw), I would be all for smaller RPP zones, whether ANCs or some other construct.

    If it happened, though, I would prefer if it was citywide, so that everyone’s residential parking permit was good for their residential area (and nearby shops, churches, etc) only. Smaller residential zones on an ad hoc basis seems to be asking for trouble.

  2. Alexn

    A solution in search of a problem.

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