The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by World Bank.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Kate Whitmore

    I doubt the 7-11 will be a serious detriment since there is nothing equivalent in the area (although there was one for years at Q and Wisconsin). Those of us with “institutional memory” would of course prefer something more homey (if we can’t have Doc’s!) or boutiquey (because that is just more Georgetown) at this very central corner. But let’s be realistic: residents and visitors have needs, too, and not just for more cafes or discount designer shops. And while I sympathize with Mr. Bell, remember that Georgetown survived a Roy Roger’s on the corner that is now Restoration Hardware, and biker gangs hanging out at what is now CVS. If the franchiser is smart, he/she will offer a step beyond the basic items available at CVS but avoid the overpriced goodies at Dean&Deluca. Georgetown used to have Neam’s and the Foodmart along the busy M-Wisconsin corridor and both are now long gone. We need more convenient food shopping options in Georgetown.

  2. Kate Whitmore

    Not to hog the board but….Georgetown was originally settled by the Scotch and Irish, so an “authentic” Irish pub would actually be an appropriate asset to the neighborhood. From Grace Dunlop Ever’s wonderful book on Georgetown:
    “All of this part of Georgetown west of High Street (N Street west of Wisconsin Avenue) used to be called Holy Hill, because of the great number of Irish who dwelt in the neighborhood. On Saint Patrick’s Day there were parades and fights, and all kinds of excitement.”

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