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One thing that strikes GM every time he puts together a Now and Then post is just how much healthier Georgetown’s tree canopy was decades ago. Some of this can be attributed to climate change, but a large part of it can be attributed to the many years that DC simply didn’t renew the stock of trees. As the old trees died off naturally, there weren’t any newly mature trees to take their place.

We’re still paying for those many years of negligence, but the city and organizations like Casey Trees and Trees for Georgetown are trying to replenish our streets with new generations of trees. And that’s where you can come in.

Trees for Georgetown, which plants over 50 trees every year, is holding its annual spring celebration May 8, 2013. This is your chance to hobnob with other tree-lovers and do your part to help renew Georgetown’s once grand tree canopy.

Also, this year Trees for Georgetown is letting donors adopt new trees. By doing so, you get to create a “digital plaque” for your tree. This is a tag that will be attached to the tree with a QR Code (those square bar codes like in the image above). When someone scans their phone, the donor’s message appears.

If you’re interested, drop a note to or call 202-345-2400. The trees will thank you!


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  1. I’m curious what people think of the experimental tree-covering spongy material they have placed in some of the tree planters around M and Wisconsin.

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