Don’t Forget to Vote!

Not that you could be blamed for not realizing it, but there’s yet another special election in DC going on right now.

For those not up to speed: Last year, the chair of the Council, Kwame Brown, was forced to resign before getting indicted for loan fraud. On the normal general election day, the city chose At Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson to take Brown’s place (he was already interim chair). Now we have to choose who will take Mendelson’s old At Large seat.

The special election will be on April 23rd at your normal voting locations. But why wait? You can head down to One Judiciary Square and vote right now. GM went yesterday and was in and out in five minutes. You can do it too until the 14th.

So go do your civic duty!



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2 responses to “Don’t Forget to Vote!

  1. I received a robocall from (202) 630-7817 last night asking how likely I was to vote in the April 23, 2013 DC Council special election. Uh, my area code is (301) and I live in Maryland. Whoever is paying this polling operation is really getting its money worth!

  2. Charlie Eason

    Actually, East Georgetown voters will NOT VOTE at their usual location. Instead, voting will take place at the Georgetown Library. GM can be forgiven since he has moved out of the precinct and would not have received notice. It is important that people vote so be aware of this change in location.

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